A Record of Excellence: Bioplate’s Past and Who We Are Today

Bioplate News

A trusted provider of craniofacial fixation solutions for more than two decades, Bioplate has an unshakable commitment to producing high-quality products that match the needs of physicians and improve the lives of patients. Over time, this commitment has amassed us a reputation making the Bioplate name synonymous with safety, reliability, and favorable results, now sworn on by some of the field’s most accomplished surgeons. To find out how and who that has made us today, we must first look back at our founding.

Reputation’s Origins

Bioplate has a passion for quality that can be traced back to our establishment over twenty-five years ago, with founder and plastic surgeon Dr. Tadzio Willisz joining forces with a select group of engineers in 1995 to create the products we offer today. Driven to achieve perfection, Dr. Willisz maintained a laser focus on development and immediately turned to distributors to manage marketing and sales, leading Johnson and Johnson to take short notice. Bioplate products went on to be distributed worldwide by the corporation for the next two decades, their success during which proving that Dr. Willisz aim had been achieved.

Particularly popular in China, surgeons lauded our screws and plates as a new standard in craniofacial surgery. They bucked strongly when Johnson and Johnson attempted to replace them with Synthes products. With Bioplate dominating the field, the distributor was eager to push their brand to the top of the market and intended to remove our products. Yet, the surgeons they supplied insisted on Bioplate, with many refusing the competing products outright, ultimately forcing a compromise that added a new product line, directly pitting the two products against each other.

What followed was an ongoing competition between Synthes and Bioplate that proved a quality provider might rarely be supplanted; surgeons overwhelmingly chose our products time and again, and the struggle eventually concluded with our acquisition of the company in 2011. Immediately after that, Johnson and Johnson separated from Bioplate, leaving the company with no sales team or marketing strategy to speak of. Still, the impact of our products was felt by physicians who, even many years later, could recall their high quality and were more than willing to use them once again, finding them just as effective as when they were released. Our reputation among these providers not only allowed us to weather the tumultuous period created by the separation but amassed a loyal base of customers happily working with us to this day.

The Present and Future of Bioplate

With our recent move to Orange County, California’s booming medical technology hub, Bioplate today, is moving full speed ahead in efforts to bring more top-quality products to the field of craniofacial surgery and beyond. Continuing our legacy of helping surgeons provide their patients with the best care possible through new and improved tools, our most recent offerings include an innovative reapplication of bioresorbable technology with the potential to transform current methods of craniofacial restoration— 3D printed cranial implants that allow the skull to naturally repair itself, eventually fully absorbing into the body, eliminating the need for left-behind foreign materials in procedures such as burr hole repairs and craniotomy gap fillings. The patient is left only with naturally regenerated bone tissue within eighteen to twenty four months, a genuinely ideal outcome for such restorations.

Presented in partnership with Osteopore, this novel product signals the company’s push to build upon our solid reputation and once again lead innovation in the field of cranial neurosurgery. At Bioplate, we believe the key to achieving this is bringing aboard talented, engaged individuals driven by a desire to improve lives and, for them, remaining a company both easy to work with and rewarding to work for. A high-quality team is a crucial ingredient to producing high-quality products, particularly true of one such as ours. As we grow our operation, we continue to foster a culture that prioritizes staff satisfaction alongside clients and look to develop our team into the best and brightest the space has to offer.

Moving ahead, we at Bioplate are eager to advance the field of craniofacial surgery and expand our reach and bring the quality for which we are known to more and more spaces, offering optimal products for optimal results filling as yet unmet needs burdening patients today. All the while, we maintain as a depended-upon provider of what is still held by surgeons as the gold standard of their field over two decades since conception, products used to transform and improve lives.