We look forward to exhibiting at the Miami Brain Symposium on Friday, December 9th!

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This event will focus on state-of-the-art approaches in the management of primary and metastatic central nervous systems tumors, along with an understanding of current standards of care and a look at future directions. If you haven’t registered but would like to participate, you can do so here. We welcome the opportunity to meet with Miami distributors. Contact us for more information about working with Bioplate. We hope to see you …

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We are excited to share our new website!

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Focused on devices in the cranial space, Bioplate has been helping patients who require neurosurgery for 25 years. Our portfolio of products has and is continuing to expand, including in the regenerative space. We are eagerly seeking out new distributor partners to expand our US footprint. Please contact us with any requests for information. #Bioplate #neurosurgery #surgeon #operation #regenerative #hospital #surgery #science #surgical #Healthcare