Kean Lee

Regenerative Technology at Your Fingertips

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In previous episodes of Cranial Closure, Bioplate & Osteopore announced their partnership to distribute cutting edge regenerative technology and products in the United States. On this episode, host Matt Boutwell brings back Kean Lee and Thomas Hopson to discuss what went into “The Why” of the partnership. As Kean shared, “Osteopore is a new entrant to the US medical device market, and Bioplate itself has a long history in the …

Lee Kean

Why Did Osteopore Choose Bioplate as a Partner?

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Kean Lee, Business Director of Osteopore joins host Matt Boutwell to talk about the recently announced partnership between the two companies. Osteopore is recognized as a global leader in regenerative solutions and their bioresorbable implant is the first of its kind to be successfully developed and commercialized for surgical use. Kean commented on the new relationship between Bioplate and Osteopore and shared that , “Bioplate, with its long-standing reputation in …

Thomas Hopson

Why Bioplate with Thomas Hopson

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In an industry that is difficult to innovate in, Bioplate continues to push innovation forward in the craniomaxillofacial industry, Bioplate was founded in 1994 and started as a development company to manufacture cranial plating systems for neurosurgery. Today, those same products still exist, but have evolved and continue to evolve into a much more robust product line with products to support the craniomaxillofacial industry. Not only does Bioplate develop technology, …

Thomas & Alan

Creating a Culture of Creativity and Quality that Strives for Innovation

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Host Matt Boutwell welcomes Alan Zhu, the Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development, and Thomas Hopson, President of Bioplate, to the Cranial Closure Podcast. The leadership of Bioplate continues to work on creating a culture of creativity and quality that pushes for innovation. Challenges abound, but as Thomas pointed out, “Once you’ve established yourself as a quality provider, it’s really hard to be supplanted by the competition.” A …

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Who is Bioplate with Thomas Hopson

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Listen to the Cranial Closure Podcast as the President of Bioplate, Thomas Hopson, join host Matt Boutwell. Thomas details his previous experience in cardiac surgery and the excitement that led him to take over at Bioplate. His attention to employees and the culture of the company are what has made him successful in his career and help shape the recent growth of Bioplate. Thomas also shares his vision of helping …

Alan Zhu

Who is Bioplate with Alan Zhu

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Alan Zhu joins host Matt Boutwell on the Cranial Closure Podcast to talk about his personal journey from China to California to join the Bioplate Team. As Vice President Global Sales & Business Development, Alan oversees the team responsible for growing Bioplate and introducing the suite of products to surgeons, hospitals, and distributors. Prior to joining Bioplate, Alan brings great experience in the medical device field having worked for some …

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Introduction to the Cranial Closure Podcast Supported by Bioplate

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Welcome to the “Cranial Closure podcast” hosted by Matt Boutwell and supported by Bioplate, Inc. Bioplate was founded in 1995 with the sole focus of providing neurosurgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, & their teams with the highest-quality craniofacial fixation solutions available. Listen through the season as Matt talks to experts from the Bioplate Team about topics related to medical engineering, industrial design, commercialization, and innovation. We look forward to your feedback and …