Thomas & Alan

Creating a Culture of Creativity and Quality that Strives for Innovation


Host Matt Boutwell welcomes Alan Zhu, the Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development, and Thomas Hopson, President of Bioplate, to the Cranial Closure Podcast.

The leadership of Bioplate continues to work on creating a culture of creativity and quality that pushes for innovation. Challenges abound, but as Thomas pointed out, “Once you’ve established yourself as a quality provider, it’s really hard to be supplanted by the competition.”

A quality product certainly goes hand-in-hand with quality employees. It is their attention to detail in the product development process as well as how the product is manufactured that makes the difference. Bioplate has built a very high-integrity quality system process to deliver products that exceed the expectations of customers on a regular basis.

There is a solid foundation for quality and reliability and that moves Bioplate forward. When you can create a product that is easily used by a surgeon and is a long-term solution that serves the patient well, you can feel really good about the future of the company.

Listen as Alan and Thomas share how they work on continuing to keep Bioplate at the forefront of the industry.