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Osteopore and Bioplate: The Intersection of Reputation and Innovation


As Bioplate forges ahead in our effort to become leaders in innovation in neuro- and maxillofacial surgery, we seek partnerships with the best and brightest in the space, developers working on novel technology and applications that will better serve surgeons and change the lives of patients. Osteopore is one such company— the first to successfully apply bioresorbable materials to achieve cranial regeneration. Their products are not only technological achievements that we are proud to now offer our clients but representations of the future of Bioplate as well, connecting the surgeons who have long trusted us with their needs to solutions and opportunities that we believe in.

A global medical device company based in Singapore, Osteopore has been a market leader in regenerative technology and implants for over a decade. Founded by biomaterial specialists and clinicians in collaboration with the National University of Singapore, their products promote the body’s regenerative capabilities, allowing it to naturally heal the damage caused by trauma, diseases, and surgical procedures, mitigating or eliminating long-term complications associated with permanent implants in foreign body reactions.

Bone Regeneration with Osteopore Technology

Today, three Osteopore creations grace our product line: the Osteoplug, Osteostrip, and Osteomesh. These regenerative products are used for burr holes, craniotomy cuts, and other cranial defects as well as augmentation and restoration of bony contour in the craniofacial skeleton.

What allows Osteopore products to facilitate natural repair is, at first glance, quite simple. Each implant is composed of polycaprolactone (PCL), a biodegradable material well known in other fields, and utilizes Osteopore’s proprietary 3D printing technology and design to achieve two goals, the first of these being to promote bone regeneration. These implants feature a structure of interconnected pores, similar to honeycomb, that form a scaffold filling the bone void that provides a foundation for revascularisation and bone regeneration. Over time, this allows tissue to reform within the structure, with complete restoration occurring within two years of implantation.

The second goal of these products is to minimize foreign materials left behind during cranial and maxillofacial procedures. Although titanium is undoubtedly the most favorable of biocompatible metals, the fact remains that foreign substances are left within the human body. The most common complaints of foreign implants have to do with inflammation, infection, and comfort. In the case of cranial and titanium implants, these are often issues that significantly impact the day-to-day lives of patients. At the same time, implant exposure and other such side effects are cause for concern. Reducing the amount of foreign substance in the human body has the potential to reduce the negative impact caused to patients. 

Even when an implant performs optimally from a medical perspective, issues can still lead patients to require further procedures. Meanwhile, pediatric cases often run a fine line as implants must be monitored throughout growth. As Osteopore products promote bone regeneration, they degrade and absorb into the body. By the conclusion of the approximate two-year recovery period, the implant entirely dissolves, and the patient is truly left only with their own tissue where the product is implanted.

Deciding on Bioplate

It is clear that Osteopore is on the cutting edge of cranial implant technology, offering products that have real potential to push neuro- and maxillofacial surgery into its next evolution, to a place where procedures do not simply repair but fully restore. While our interest in this world-class company is simple to understand, what may not be immediately evident is why Osteopore chose Bioplate to bring its products to the US market.

As a trusted provider of cranial fixation solutions to some of the world’s finest surgeons in the field, Bioplate has established a reputation of reliability and superb quality that has now endured over two decades. This reputation, along with our state-of-the-art products, have earned us a level of trust within the field that is key when introducing new technologies and solutions in medicine.

As a mid-sized company with a solitary focus, we have the flexibility and availability to push Osteopore’s products and innovation in bone regeneration to the forefront of our efforts. Through this partnership, we offer to Osteopore a network of institutions and providers widely open to communication and collaboration. Their trust in Bioplate readies them to step into the future. Compounding this trust is the fact that Bioplate is a company exclusively working within the craniomaxillofacial space. Kean Lee, Osteopore’s Business Director, cited this as a deciding factor in their choice to partner with us.

Bioplate’s partnership with Osteopore is the first of many steps in our journey to advance the space we inhabit and provide never-before-seen solutions that fill needs as yet unaddressed. We look forward to working with Osteopore and other innovators in the field to connect surgeons with the best craniomaxillofacial solutions the world has to offer.