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Bioplate Announces New Partnership

Osteopore, Global Leaders in Regenerative Solutions

Recently, Bioplate announced its new partnership with Osteopore, a global leader in regenerative solutions. The Osteopore bioresorbable implant is the first of its kind to be successfully developed and commercialized for surgical use. The company is a spin-off from the National University of Singapore with a global reach that now, with this partnership, extends to the United States.

The Osteopore implants facilitate natural repair and are made of a bioresorbable polymer that dissolves over time, leaving only natural, healthy bone. Based on a Grand View Research report, the global market for cranial maxillofacial segment regenerative graph substitutes will reach about 935 Million in 2025*.

Kean Lee, Osteopore Business Director commented on the new relationship between Bioplate and Osteopore, “Bioplate, with its long-standing reputation in the market, definitely is a solid partner to create a strong step for Osteopore to enter this market. Together with Bioplate, I believe that we can develop further into the cranial maxillofacial segment with standard products, as well as the customized products we can produce. This makes sense for both companies to further build into this regenerative field.”

Thomas Hopson, CEO of Bioplate sees the immense opportunity to develop the market through this relationship with Osteopore. “Osteopore has a technology that raises the bar as it relates to regenerative tissue, and it’s nothing that we’ve seen in our market space, particularly in cranial surgery. For many years, we’ve talked about titanium-plating and metal-plating being the gold standard. While it’s still the gold standard, we have an opportunity to really transform that market with not just a resorbable product, which is something the market is accustomed to, but a product that truly allows tissue to grow. That’s what Osteopore brings to the market and brings for Bioplate.”

Stay tuned for more updates and new products coming from Bioplate and Osteopore soon.



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A global medical device company based in Singapore, Osteopore has been a market leader in regenerative technology and implants for over a decade. Founded by material specialists and clinicians in collaboration with the National University of Singapore, Osteopore’s bioresorbable implants are the first of their kind to be successfully developed and commercialized for surgical use. Healing bone naturally by promoting the body’s regenerative capabilities, these products, made of a bioresorbable polymer that dissolves over time, leave only natural, healthy bone. Our products are trusted and used by surgeons across Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.


*Claim based on the 2014 Grand View Research Report.