Kean Lee

Regenerative Technology at Your Fingertips


In previous episodes of Cranial Closure, Bioplate & Osteopore announced their partnership to distribute cutting edge regenerative technology and products in the United States. On this episode, host Matt Boutwell brings back Kean Lee and Thomas Hopson to discuss what went into “The Why” of the partnership.

As Kean shared, “Osteopore is a new entrant to the US medical device market, and Bioplate itself has a long history in the cranial market segment, so partnering with them makes strategic sense for us… (thinking historically) there’s not been much technology looking at the cranial fixation market. I think Osteopore really brings this new technology to a lot of the users, and what is exciting is basically that we can enable the patient to heal itself through tissue regeneration.”

Truly a significant step in new technology and regeneration.

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