Thomas Hopson

Why Bioplate with Thomas Hopson


In an industry that is difficult to innovate in, Bioplate continues to push innovation forward in the craniomaxillofacial industry, Bioplate was founded in 1994 and started as a development company to manufacture cranial plating systems for neurosurgery. Today, those same products still exist, but have evolved and continue to evolve into a much more robust product line with products to support the craniomaxillofacial industry.

Not only does Bioplate develop technology, we have a robust R&D pipeline of products we distribute. We have R&D, we have manufacturing and distribution of products, and that’s globally for the neurosurgeon primarily in the craniofacial space. Thomas Hopson, CEO of Bioplate said, “We feel very good about where we are and how we are positioned in that marketplace.”

Bioplate is unique because they are focused in one target area. That focus is specifically on bone regeneration products and techniques, bone replacement, and bone fixation. It’s an area that does not enjoy a very large market cap at this stage. Thomas continues and shared that, “We think the innovation in this space is really ripe. The timing is right for Bioplate to be a player in that space. If you think about some of the larger companies, some of our competitors who have a really large product portfolio, they’re not focused so much in this space because it doesn’t move the needle very much for those companies, whereas Bioplate, this is central to who we are and what we do.”

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