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Why Choose Bioplate for Your Cranial Fixation Needs?

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Bioplate is a company with a storied history and a rock-solid reputation in the field of craniofacial surgery. Physicians have relied on our sterling quality products for more than two decades to create beautiful and reliable outcomes for their patients, providing a higher quality of care to produce an elevated quality of life. Yet, many are entirely unaware of who Bioplate is or what makes us the first pick of leading neuro- and maxillofacial surgeons the world over. As we look to reenter the space as a leader in innovation, our priority is fulfilling real unmet needs in the clinical arena. Still, potential customers may ask: Why should I look to Bioplate with my cranial implant needs?

Brand Recognition

While Bioplate products have been known to and lauded by surgeons throughout the market for a long while now, the name “Bioplate” is relatively new to most. Often, they have used our products without knowing their true source; instead, they have known them more simply as the best plates and screws offered on the product line of our former distributor, Johnson & Johnson. For the twenty years following Bioplate’s founding, this partnership allowed our products to reach customers, meet surgeons’ needs, and improve patients’ lives. But it also meant that Bioplate itself, as a company and team dedicated to both quality and innovation, went unrecognized as another name under J&J’s massive umbrella.

Today, our departure from that partnership has proven the first step on our journey to making Bioplate synonymous with innovation in the craniomaxillofacial space. While continuing to provide top-quality cranial fixation essentials, we would like to reintroduce Bioplate as a company that not only offers a dependable line of products but is forging ahead to do even more to elevate and advance the craft of cranial repair. To do so, more than anything, we will need the collaboration and trust of the patients and providers whose needs we are set on meeting.

Mindfulness, Quality, and Innovation

So, why should you choose Bioplate as your supplier of today’s solutions and look to us as the developer of tomorrow’s? What can patients, surgeons, and distributors expect from us?

Bioplate products are designed to perform optimally in their intended purpose and do so while remaining as comfortable and unobtrusive to the patient as possible. With cranial fixation as it currently stands, many patients find that the benefit these procedures provide to their health is weighed, at times heavily, with adverse cosmetic and tactile outcomes. At Bioplate, we take a holistic approach to patient needs that considers all angles of how implants interact with the human body in both the short and long terms. We utilize these insights as the touchstone of what we do, whether a cranial defect, traumatic head injury or neurosurgical closure.

Of course, when speaking of unobtrusive fixation methods, bone regeneration is the absolute ideal. With this in mind, Bioplate has now partnered with Osteopore to introduce a novel application of bioresorbable technology to cranial implants. Unlike the current “standard material” titanium, these 3D printed implants leave no foreign material in the patient whatsoever; instead, they provide a scaffold that allows the bone to regenerate naturally and gradually absorb over time. For the patient looking to correct a burr hole depression or fill a bone void in the cranium, these implants can spell the difference between a successful medical outcome and a genuine improvement to the quality of life. As we move forward, we seek to connect with patients to understand needs such as these further and work with them to produce the best possible solutions.

As the direct users of our products, surgeons play a crucial part in how Bioplate operates today and where we will head in the future. We seek to provide solutions that are high quality and simple to use and produce strong positive outcomes that can be reliably reproduced. While physicians considering us can look to our solid reputation for some confidence, we also understand the need to thoroughly validate the safety and efficacy of our products as well as ensure that each has been proven to provide long term benefit to patients in line with their needs and those of the surgeon. Our success in these endeavors can be seen in the basic Bioplate product line that has been relied on for decades. Moving ahead, our mission is to assist surgeons and health professionals of all types in providing ever-higher levels of care. First, however, we would like to become a familiar face to neuro- and maxillofacial surgeons, one who will listen to the unmet needs they face and work with them to produce next-generation solutions for them.

Seeking Success

Beyond this, Bioplate is set on positioning itself as the next generation of pioneers in craniomaxillofacial surgery, bringing products to the market that are not just improvements on existing solutions but genuine breakthroughs with lasting impact. While the Osteopore products we now offer represent one step in this direction, several more are currently traveling the R&D pipeline that our customers and partners in distribution can look forward to as further indicating the aggressive new direction Bioplate has taken in pursuing innovation.

Bone augmentation, repair, stabilization— cranial intervention has been our main focus since conception. It continues to be the recipient of all our efforts today, in contrast to other companies for whom it is but one section of a massive product portfolio. Perhaps above all, any prospective customer of ours should consider that Bioplate is one of very few companies dedicated entirely to cranial neurosurgery and maxillofacial surgery. While this dedication may be evident in our existing products, Bioplate is pressing forward to meet needs as yet unseen in the field and establish ourselves as the definitive leader in the innovation of novel neurosurgical solutions.