Lee Kean

Why Did Osteopore Choose Bioplate as a Partner?


Kean Lee, Business Director of Osteopore joins host Matt Boutwell to talk about the recently announced partnership between the two companies. Osteopore is recognized as a global leader in regenerative solutions and their bioresorbable implant is the first of its kind to be successfully developed and commercialized for surgical use.

Kean commented on the new relationship between Bioplate and Osteopore and shared that , “Bioplate, with its long-standing reputation in the market, definitely is a solid partner to create a strong step for Osteopore to enter this market. Together with Bioplate, I believe that we can develop further into the cranial maxillofacial segment with standard products, as well as the customized products we can produce. This makes sense for both companies to further build into this regenerative field.”

Later Kean also noted that he sees the immense opportunity to develop the market through this relationship with Bioplate. Listen as Matt dives deeper into the new partnership that is seen as a significant step in this space in the United States.